Just Me Naked

Just me naked is my personal blog. This is the raw and uncut version of myself. Me laid bare to see ans i make my journey through life. I'm a 28 year old female, soon to be 29. An academic lawyer, battling and trying to find myself. It aint all going to be easy. But it is all going to be me. They say the truth shall set you free, so i've decided to drop the accessories, the pretences and just present me. And trust in myself instead. My art, my writing. My creativity.

where do we go from here

I arrived in Germany. Yes I had been doubting my relationship with smarty for a while now. If he truly loved me? Did he care for me? Was he attracted to me. The questions seemed endless. But my intuition was right. He does feel something towards me but does not love me. Thats because i don’t think he know how, how to love a woman.

where do we go from here?

Tired and scared. Tired and confused. But hopeful at the same time. If i make a decision to be me. Thats all that matters.

Doubt and fear come up to scare. Love and Light makes it right.
— The jewelry of me.
If I am perfect in the eyes of god. Then why do I make myself wrong all the time? Why not just celebrate everything that I’ve done, why not just sing my own creative song? If this is what I must, then this is what i’ll do.
— Singing a song all along.
How many times do I make myself wrong? Not now. Not this space. Right here and now i’m going to celebrate my creative freedom and make everything i do right.
— Me
How much do you trust the universe?
Sharing parts of myself is the best thing i could do.
Being Creative

Where I am at today.

I notice that I feel a deep sense of shame for showing my true self. A deep sense of distrust in my feelings, my creative abilities and talents. For so long I have gone unrecognised. Unrecognised by my self and others. I have had so many gifts to share with this world. My talents. I am aware I feel ashame for being who I am. This is stopping my ability to manifest. I feel a shame for being me. I have been battling with a career that is not truly meaningful to me, and the desire for a career for a life that will set me free. why have I been doing this you may ask. Well, I think the reason is shame, is guilt, is judgement. I judge myself, i do not care for myself enough. This is preventing my ability from manifesting. So how do you deal with shame? How do I unravel the pain and the mistreatment i’ve been causing my self. Well move towards what I love.

Seek out positive affirmations that can help work on and heal the pain, the shame the guilt that i’ve been healing. It’s like being exposed. People really seeing me for who I am. A creative loving, inspirational being. That loves the arts, culture, humanity and life.

I’m dealing with shame, guilt doubt. So I am just going to stop, I’m going to stop disbelieving, stop doubting and stop mistrusting myself and my feelings.

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